Water Security is National Security

Water resources and how they are managed impact almost all aspects of society and the economy, in particular health, food production and security, domestic water supply and sanitation, energy, industry, and the functioning of ecosystems. Under present climate variability, water stress is already high, particularly in many developing countries, and climate change adds even more urgency for action. Without improved water resources management, the progress towards poverty reduction targets, the Millennium Development Goals, and sustainable development in all its economic, social and environ- mental dimensions, will be jeopardized. UN Water.Org

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

India Water Forum 2011, an international convention on Water Security and Climate Change

New Delhi: The convention represented efforts by TERI to create a broad-based platform for policy-makers, experts and practitioners to identify strategies for sustainable utilization and management of water resources.
The "India Water Forum" (IWF) 2011 that was organized by The Energy and Resources Institute (TERI) in consonance with the Ministry of Water Resources and the Department of Drinking Water Supply, Government of India concluded today with a clarion call to bring water into the global and national agenda in order to meet the challenges of water security posed by the threat of climate change.

In his valedictory address Dr. RK Pachauri, Director General TERI re-emphasized that "Effective governance and responsive policies are of paramount importance in defining the course of sustainable water management. The issue of governance is multi-dimensional and a holistic institutional framework that encompasses the social, economic, political and legal structures is essential. Developing an appropriate and responsive policy framework is essential for ensuring water sustainability and adaptability to climate change."

The India Water forum 2011 addressed the dynamics of water and climate change, and deliberated on significant issues specific to water security, means to resolve the same by investment in natural infrastructure, monitoring efficient usage, water treatment and leveraging eco-friendly technology for water usage that will help in ensuring sustainable development. But, more importantly it emphasized on the fact that water security is not a subject for the future it is here with us today. More >>>