Water Security is National Security

Water resources and how they are managed impact almost all aspects of society and the economy, in particular health, food production and security, domestic water supply and sanitation, energy, industry, and the functioning of ecosystems. Under present climate variability, water stress is already high, particularly in many developing countries, and climate change adds even more urgency for action. Without improved water resources management, the progress towards poverty reduction targets, the Millennium Development Goals, and sustainable development in all its economic, social and environ- mental dimensions, will be jeopardized. UN Water.Org

Saturday, April 7, 2018

Ait Baamrane tribal region of southwest Morocco harvests Water from air

These Moroccans are turning foggy days into a solution to their water crisis

Dar Si Hmad opened a water school, where young boys and girls learn about the fundamentals of water management, irrigation and sustainability.

And community members say they're happy to now have the opportunity to send their kids to school instead of sending them to get water.

“My kids think about nothing but their studies,” says Nsoda Bokhilfa. “They don’t have to think about getting water.” Read More